Online booking terms

Payment policy:

Depending on the property, there are two different payment terms:

  • Total split in 2 payments:

  •       1st part:
          Deposit of 50% of the total booking value plus the booking fees, at the time of your booking request
          (by PayPal to Apartments Unlimited)

          2nd part:
          Balance of 50% of the total booking value + eventual refundable security deposit for damages
          (in cash upon arrival to your host or by PayPal maximum 14 days before arrival directly to Apartments Unlimited;
          in this last case, subjected to a surcharge of 5% payment costs).

  • Total in only one payment:

  •       Total booking value + booking fees + eventual refundable security deposit for damages
    (by PayPal to Apartments Unlimited)


          a. You can see which payment method that apply to your booking (as well as the total booking value and the booking fees) on the webpage of the property you have chosen, after you have inserted your arrival and departure dates and the number of guests.

          b.The payment of the deposit can be done online directly in our website (you'll receive immediately a confirmation) or we send you instructions by email.

          c. It is also possible to send invoices for bank payments, but it will depend how far in advance you are making the reservation (not possible for last minute bookings).

          d. Your booking confirmation with directions, instructions of how to get your keys and parking info will be sent as soon as the payment of the deposit is confirmed.

          e. For long stays (monthly) a different payment policy applies; please contact us for more information.

    Cancellation policy:

  • From booking date to 31 days prior the check-in date: 25% of total booking value as cancellation fee.

  • From 30 to 15 days prior the check-in date: 50% of total booking value as cancellation fee.

  • Within the final 14 days or no-show: 100% of total booking value as cancellation fee.

  •     Notes:

          a. Booking fees are non refundable.

          b. Please make sure you have, just in case, adequate travel insurance.

          c. For long stays (monthly) a different cancellation policy applies; please contact us for more information.

    Security deposit for damages:

    Some accommodations, not all, require a refundable security deposit for damages, which should be paid by different ways, depending on the accommodation: in cash on arrival or in advance to Apartments Unlimited.
    This money will be refunded on departure (if paid in cash) or a couple of days after your check-out (if paid to Apartments Unlimited), if no damages were verified. The values are found on the respective web pages.

    The properties which don't require the refundable security deposit in cash, oblige though the signature of the leader guest on a term of responsibility with his/her credit card details. This document should be signed on the check-in date.

    For longer bookings (monthly), this security deposit may be of 1 or 2 months, depending on the property and the length of your stay. Please check it with us before you confirm your reservation.

    Important notes:

    We take your reservation by us very seriously and want to make everything as easy as possible and with no problems for you. Your satisfaction is our main goal. Consequently, it’s very important for us that you send us feedback of your experience, so we can keep good standards of all accommodations. We want you to go home wanting to come back soon.

    It’s important though to know and accept that the properties offered by Apartments Unlimited are private accommodations, which are unique, rather than hotels that have many rooms at the same address.

    For that reason, if there is any problem in the property of your choice (with heating, plumbing or anything else that would make your stay uncomfortable), you must inform us immediately – and not after your stay, when it’ll be too late for us to take any action to solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved immediately, we'll offer you similar alternatives, if available. If there are no available options in our system, or if you don't like the alternatives, we will refund your full payment in the same currency we have received (Euros) and help you find another accommodation in the city where you’re staying.

    In the same way, if for whatever reason we are forced to cancel your reservation, we'll offer you alternatives or refund of your money. We are not responsible in any circumstances for further consequences to such cancellation, nor for the difference in exchange rates (Euros to your own currency).